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Participation in demonstration program

Forum Exhibitors interested in participating in the activities of the demonstration program should submit an application to the Forum Directorate in advance (before May 22, 2020).

The following information should be specified in the application in given order:

  • cluster of demonstration program on the territory of which the show is planned (land, water, air);
  • name of demonstrated products;
  • brief performance characteristics of demonstrated products;
  • conditions and consumables (including ammunition) needed to ensure product demonstration;
  • a short script of the product demonstration with indication of display time;
  • target audience of the show.

The application passes the preliminary coordination with the Organizer of the Forum.

Participation in the demonstration program of the Forum does not require additional payment, except the payment of the cost of consumables required to prepare appropriate demonstration cluster of the "PATRIOT" exhibition center in order to provide the demonstration of Participant’s products.
If the demonstration programs of Participants include the labor costs of employees of the "PATRIOT" exhibition center and the use of consumables, it is necessary to submit to the Directorate an application for planned work and supplies not later than May 22, 2020 and promptly pay for them.

The Participant is able to use his own expendables.
Participants using their own consumables in demonstrations are obliged to submit to the Forum Directorate the forms, passports, certificates or other documents confirming their compliance with the requirements of design and normative-technical documentation. Use of emergency chemical hazardous substances is strictly prohibited

To accompany the demonstration of combat and operational capabilities of the exhibits the Participant must submit narration to the Forum Directorate. Meanwhile, the reading time of the texts should be no more than the execution time of these demonstration activities. The narration is presented in the form of printed material by May 22, 2020.

If you are interested in participation in demonstration program and display your exhibits in dynamic (show its driving, flying, maneuvering performance) please contact Mr. Stepan Kolnoochenko ( or Mr. Nikita Iurchikov ( for further information on the participation options.