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Turkey delegation will take part in the Forum “ARMY-2020”

Negotiations between representatives of ICE Ltd. and International Cooperation Department in Undersecretariat for Defence Industries under President of Republic of Turkey (SSB) has been held in Ankara (Turkey). The Undersecretariat is responsible for organization of work of Turkey Defence Industry Complex and formulation of its development strategy. One of the Department functions is organizing collective participation of Turkey corporations in international exhibitions.
Establishment of close partner ties with the Undersecretariat is of great importance for attracting major Turkish companies to the work of the Forum “ARMY”. This is why we take a favourable view of great attention of our Turkish partners to the presentation of the International Forum. According to SSB, the biggest interest has been shown to the manufacturers of the land armoured vehicles. The Undersecretariat intends to form representative delegation for visiting the Forum in 2020 and work at recommendations for organizing collective Turkish exhibition on 2021.