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Military Show “POLITE PEOPLE”

The unique demonstration program of the Army-2018 Forum, which has no analogues not only in Russia but also in the world, will be held this year in the format of the Military Show “Polite People”.
A grandiose action on land, water and in the air will be developed with the participation of modern land military equipment, aircraft and helicopters, air defence equipment.

For 1.5 hours the viewers will be able to feel in one breath that “EVERYTHING IS REAL”. Combat firing using all types of weapons, overcoming obstacles by wheeled and tracked vehicles, air combat performed by Sokoly Rossii piloting group, and traditional “tank ballet” accompanied by Berkuty helicopter piloting group.

Demonstration flights of famous piloting groups shall be the outstanding feature of the unique demo programme of the Forum Army-2018. The visitors of the Forum will be able to see the formation flying of of Russkie Vityazi piloting group using the new Su-30SM fighters. A joint programme shall also be performed by Russkie Vityazi and Strizhi piloting groups, as well as the unique demonstration of Sokoly Rossii and Berkuty groups.

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