Multipurpose Vehicle KamAZ-4350
Multipurpose Vehicle KamAZ-5350
Multipurpose Vehicle KamAZ-53501
Multipurpose Vehicle KamAZ-6350
Transportation Vehicle UAZ-23602-142-61 “Cargo”
Vehicle UAZ-23632-148-64 “Pickup”
Vehicle UAZ-23632-148-65 “Pickup”
Dump Truck Vehicle KamAZ-65115
Dump Truck Vehicle Ural-5557
Army Multipurpose Vehicle Ural-4320-0811-31
Army Vehicle Ural-4320-31
Army Vehicle Ural-43206
Motor Vehicle UAZ-3163 “Patriot”
Command Vehicle MSh-5350.1 with Map Trailer PSh-4М
Passenger Bus for Children PAZ-32053-70
Passenger Bus PAZ-3205
Passenger Minivan PAF 5350.1-11
Passenger Minivan PAF 5350-11
Semi-tractor BAZ-6403-012 with Semitrailer
Semi-tractor KAMAZ-65225-22 with Semitrailer
Semi-tractor MAZ-537 with Semitrailer
Semi-tractor Ural-63704 with Semitrailer
Infantry Fighting Vehicle BMP-3
Main Battle Tank Т-80U-Е1
Main Battle Tank Т-90A
Main Battle Tank Т-72B3
Multipurpose Vehicle KAMAZ-5350 in Climatic Version “KhL”
Multipurpose Vehicle Ural-4320-0811-31 in Climatic Version “KhL”
Army All-Terrain Vehicle АМ1
Army Snowmobile А1
Army Snowmobile with Heated Cabin ТТМ1901-40
Army All-Terrain Transport Vehicle on Extra-Low Pressure Tires Trecol
Two-Section Tracked Carrier GAZ-3344-20
Two-Section Swamp&Oversnow Amphibious Lightweight Transporter-Primemover DT-3PM
Modernized Two-section Tracked Carrier DT-10P
Vehicle “Scorpion” LShA-2B
Multipurpose Vehicle AMN 233114 “Tigr-М” with Remote-Controlled Combat Module “Arbalet-DM”
Special-Purpose Vehicle ASpN 232115 “Tigr-М SpN”
Infantry Fighting Vehicle BMP-2
Infantry Fighting Vehicle BMP-2 mod
Infantry Fighting Vehicle BMP-3
Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle BRM-1K
Armored Vehicle BTR-80
Armored Vehicle BTR-82A
Armored Vehicle BTR-82A
Armored Vehicle KAMAZ-63968 “Typhoon-K”
Modernized Airborne Assault Vehicle BMD-4М
Modernized Multipurpose Armored Vehicle of Airborne Forces BTR-MDM
Armored Vehicle URAL-63095 “Typhoon-U”
Main Battle Tank Т-80U
Main Battle Tank Т-80U-Е1
Main Battle Tank Т-72B3
Main Battle Tank Т-72B3 with Reactive Armor Kit
Main Battle Tank Т-90A
120 mm Carrier Mortar 2S12А “Sani”
120 mm Self-Propelled Mortar “Nona-S” (ind. 2S9-1) with Acceleration Spin Control
122 mm Towed Howitzer D-30 on P-7
125 mm Self-Propelled Tank Destroyer 2S25 “Sprut-SD” with Acceleration Spin Control
Airborne Assault Vehicle BMD-1P with Acceleration Spin Control
Airborne Assault Vehicle BMD-2 with Acceleration Spin Control
Airborne Assault Vehicle BMD-3 with Acceleration Spin Control
Airborne Assault Vehicle BMD-4 with Acceleration Spin Control
Nuclear & Chemical Reconnaissance Vehicle RKhM-5 with Acceleration Spin Control
Armored Vehicle BTR-D with Acceleration Spin Control
Modernized Airborne Assault Vehicle BMD-4М with Acceleration Spin Control
Modernized Multipurpose Armored Vehicle of Airborne Forces BTR-MDM with Acceleration Spin Control
Intelligence and Artillery Direction Center 1V119-1 “Rheostat” with Acceleration Spin Control
Armored Vehicle BTR-82AM
Special Transport Vehicle “Rys”
Army Vehicle Ural-4320 KDZ
Army All-Terrain Vehicle АМ1 (tied-up for paradrop)
Army Snowmobile А1
Vehicle KamAZ with Interior Bay (PP-2005М)
Armored Counterobstacle Vehicle BMR-3МА
Bridge-Erection Boat BMK-15
Bridge-Erection Boat BMK-MO
Bridge-Erection Boat BMK-MT
Drilling Rig BUM-2
Military Mobile Sawmill Unit VMLK-1
Combat Engineering Vehicle IMR-3M
Engineering Remote Mine Delivery System ISDM
Engineering Reconnaissance Boat IRK
Engineering Assault Boat IDK
Wheeled Road Armored Vehicle KDBM
Wheeled Road Vehicle KDM
Combined Power Station SGDEAS-30
Complex for Temporary Road Operational Deployment KVD
Simulator Complex KST
Military Automobile Crane KS-45719-7М (16 t)
Military Automobile Crane KS-55729-7М (32 t)
Military Automobile Crane KS-6973BМ-1U (50 t)
Military Articulated Crane KMV-10V
Multi-function Camouflage Kit MMK-2
Multi-function Fire Extinguishing Robotic System “Uran-14”
Multi-function Mine-Clearing Robotic System “Uran-6”
Mobile Engineering Complex MIK-А
Mobile Complex for Water Purification and Conservation MMKV-1000
Modernized All-Purpose Bridge-Layer Tank MTU-90М
Mechanized Bridge Complex MMK
Bridge Erection Unit USM-3
Mobile Drilling Rig PBU-100
Mobile Water Purification Unit in PVU-600
Amphibian Ferry PDP
Amphibious Tracked Carrier PTS-4
Camouflage Equipment “Povorot-О”
Mobile Engineering Repair Complex PIRK
Highbay Lighting System PSMO
Engineering Diving Equipment SV-I
Engineering Lightweight Diving Outfit SLVI-15
Integrated Water Treatment Station SKO-10K
Heavy Mechanized Bridge ТММ-3М2
Heavy Mechanized Bridge ТММ-7
Military Single-Bucket Excavator EOV-3521 М1
Military Single-Bucket Excavator EOV-3523
Mobile Electric Power Station ED-100-Т400-1RА
100 mm Tank Cannon МТ-12
120 mm Self-Propelled Mortar “Nona-S” (ind. 2S9, 2S9-1)
120 mm Self-Propelled Mortar 2S23 (“Nona-SVK”)
122 mm Towed Howitzer D-30
122 mm Multiple Rocket Launcher System 9K51 “Grad” (index 9k51)
152 mm Self-propelled Howitzer “Msta-S” (index 2S19)
152 mm Self-propelled Howitzer “Msta-SM” (index 2S19M1)
152 mm Towed Howitzer “Msta-B”
152 mm Cannon “Giatsint-B”
152 mm Self-Propelled Howitzer “Akatsiya”
152 mm Self-Propelled Howitzer “Giatsint-S”
240 mm Self-Propelled Mortar “Tyulpan” (2S4)
240 mm Self-Propelled Mortar “Tyulpan” (2S4)
Combat Vehicle of ADMS “Strela-10М”
Combat Vehicle of the multiple rocket launcher system “Smerch” (9А52-2) (Tornado-S (9А54))
Combat Vehicle of the multiple rocket launcher system “Tornado-G” (2B17M)
Combat Vehicle of the Self-Propelled Anti-Tank Missile System “Khrizantema-S” (9P157)
Functional Full-Scale Mock-Up 9М123-UТ (Khrizantema)
Functional Full-Scale Mock-Up 9М723K5-UТ (Iskander)
Anti-Aircraft Weapon System S-300V (Launcher)
Surface-To-Air and Anti-Tank Missile System 2K22М1 “Tunguska-М1” (Air Defence Gun 2S6М1)
Surface-To-Air Guided Missile System 9K317E “Buk-М2E”
Surface-To-Air Guided Missile System 9K33M4 “Osa-AKМ1”
Anti-Tank Missile System 9K111М4 “Konkurs-М”
Launcher of the Missile System “Tochka”
Multiple Rocket Launcher System “Smerch” (index 9K58) (Combat Vehicle)
Self-Propelled Launcher of the Tactical Ballistic Missile System “Iskander-M” (9P78-1)
Self-Propelled Gun “Malka” (2S7М)
Self-Propelled Mortar “Hosta” (2S34)
Self-Propelled Anti-Tank Missile System “Shturm-S”
Autonomous Launcher “Topol”, Unit 15U168
Combat Countersabotage Vehicle “Typhoon-М”, Unit 15Ts56М
Communications Vehicle, Unit 15V179
Combat Control Vehicle, Unit 15V167
Engineer Support & Camouflage Vehicle “MIOM”, Unit 15М69
Launch-Associated Support Vehicle “MOBD”, Unit 15V148
Communications Vehicle, Unit 15V75
Accommodation Vehicle, Unit 15Т118
Meal Reception Vehicle, Unit 15Т117
International Ballistic Missile 15А20 of the Missile System 15P120
International Ballistic Missile 15А35 of the Missile System 15P135
Nitrogen/Oxygen Producing Mobile Station “STAD-100”, 15G218 (comprising: compressor section, process section, auxiliary section, electric power station DES-315)
Transportation & Installation Unit, Unit 15Т528
Rescue Fire Armored Vehicle PSB-6.0-40-10 mod. 52-ТV
Aerodrome Fire Vehicle АА-8-60
Armored Recovery Vehicle BREM-1M
Armored Recovery Vehicle BREM-D
Armored Recovery Vehicle BREM-K
Armored Recovery Vehicle BREM-L
Armored Recovery Vehicle BREM-Ch
Armored Tractor BTS-4
Test&Control Vehicle KPM S01М02 (GAZ-66)
Accumulator Charge and Repair Workshop MZA-М1
Electric Equipment Repair Workshop MRE-АМ1
Mechanic Repair Workshop МRМ-М3.1
Metal Repair Workshop МRS-АМ1
Metal Repair Workshop МRS-BTM1.1
Maintenance Workshop MTO-80
Maintenance Workshop MTO-AGZM1
Maintenance Workshop MTO-AM.1
Maintenance Workshop MTO-UB1
Maintenance Workshop MTO-UB2
Electric Special Equipment Workshop (combat vehicle arsenal and machinery) MES-BTM1
Electric Special Equipment Workshop MES
Wrecking Vehicle MTP-А2 based on KamAZ-43114
Mobile Recompression Diving Station PRS-VM (Т)
Self-Propelled Pontoon (Pusher) PST-1
Wheeled Light Maintenance-Recovery Vehicle REM-KL
Accumulator Charge and Repair Station SRZ-А based on ZIL-131
Tank Repair Workshop TRM-90U (ZIL-131)
Tank Repair Workshop TRM-A-80 (ZIL-131)
Road-Rail Track Carts UKKh (comprising: track panel, vehicle URAL-4320)
All-Purpose Pile-Driving Rig USA-2
Pile Screwing Unit UZS-85
Ambulance Vehicle AS-4350 based on KamAZ-4350
Ambulance Vehicle AS-4350.1 based on Ural-43206
Ambulance Vehicle UAZ-SSА-1845
Heat-Insulated Potable Water Tank Truck ATsPT-10-53501
Refueling Truck АТZ-12-10-63501
Refueling and Oil-Servicing Truck АМZ-7М
Tank Truck ATs-14-63501
Kit for Ship Refueling in Harbor Without Berthing BZKR-E
Kit for Aircraft Group Refueling KGZLAT
Messing Facility Transportable in Kitchen-Container of Variable Volume KSVK-240/24
Fuel Pumping Point PSG-240
Mobile Digital Topographic System (PTsTS) “Volynets”
Mobile Navigation&Geodetic Complex PNGK-1
Mobile Kitchen Truck PAK-200М-04
Mobile Field Bakery KhPA-0.4
Surface-To-Air and Anti-Tank Missile System “Pantsir-S1”
Anti-Aircraft Weapon System “S-400” (MLRS)
Anti-Aircraft Weapon System “S-400” (PU)
Radar Station 48Ya6K1 “Podlyot”
Radar Station 55Zh5M “Nebo-M”
Military Police Patrol Vehicle UAZ “Patriot”
Road Patrol Service Vehicle of the Military Traffic Police UAZ 3163-103-62
Military Police Special Vehicle based on WV “Caravelle”
Military Police Special Armored Vehicle “Yesaul”
Military Police Special Vehicle UAZ 396221
Military Police Escort Vehicle based on Gazelle Next
Military Police Special Transport Vehicle “URAL-VP”
Military Traffic Police Transport Vehicle based on “Ford Focus-3”
Mobile Complex for Road-Traffic Safety based on “Škoda -Octavia”
Heavy Flamethrower System TOS-1А
Transporter-Loader Vehicle TZM-T
Flamethrower Combat Vehicle BМО-Т
Mechanical Smoke Generator ТDА-3
All-Purpose Decontamination Station USSO
Check and Distribution Point KRPP-2
Complex for Aerosol Decontamination of Transport, Buildings, Facilities and Personal Protection Equipment KDA
Radiological, Chemical and Biological Reconnaissance Vehicle RKhM-6
Modular Complex for Analysis of Pathogenic Biological Materials (Agents) and Support of Decisions of Operative Groups of the Ministry of Defence, Acting in Biological Emergency Situations MKA PBA (including MIFA, MPG, MOI, MBR)
Complex of Aerosol Countermeasure Remote Control KDUD
Field Laboratory Kit KLP-1О
Complex with UFV “Granat-1” as Part of “Navodchik-2” Complex
Complex with UFV “Granat-2” as Part of “Navodchik-2” Complex
Complex with UFV “Granat-3” as Part of “Navodchik-2” Complex
Complex with UFV “Granat-4” as Part of “Navodchik-2” Complex
Ground Control Post as Part of “Navodchik-2” Complex
Complex with UFV “Orlan-10”
Complex with UFV “Eleron-3”
Complex with UFV “Takhion”
Complex with UFV of Helicopter Type “Horizont”
Complex VR-3 with Surveillance Drone “Reis” (comprising: Surveillance Drone “Reis” Tu-143, Self-Propelled Launcher SPU-143, Transporter-Loader Vehicle TZM-143, Mobile Receiving Laboratory of the Complex PPL Е-12)
Complex “Stroy-P” with Remotely-Piloted Aircraft “Pchela-1” (comprising: Remotely-Piloted Aircraft “Pchela-1”, Remote Control Ground Post RCGP with RPA “Pchela-1”, Transporter-Loader Vehicle TZM (Pchela-1))
Complex “Stroy-PD” with RPA “Pchela-1 K” (comprising: Remotely-Piloted Aircraft “Pchela-1 K”, Transporter-Launcher of the Complex “Stroy-PD”, Maintenance equipment “Stroy-PD”)
High-Speed Boat BL-680
High-Speed Boat BL-820
Recompression Chamber BKD-120T
Recompression Chamber BKD-1000T
Recompression Chamber BKD-1600T
Mobile Recompression Station PRS-VM
Decontamination Shower Facility DDA-66 (based on GAZ-3308)
Decontamination Shower Complex DDU-1 (based on KAMAZ)
Motor Car Dressing Room AP-2 (based on GAZ-66)
Motor Car Dressing Room AP-3 (based on KAMAZ-5350)
Selection Board Mobile Module ММО as Part of Selection Board Mobile Complex MKO
Information-Stage Module ISM as Part of Selection Board Mobile Complex MKO
Medium Tank Т-55А
Medium Tank Т-55А
Medium Tank Т-55А
Medium Tank Т-55АD
Medium Tank Т-55M
Medium Tank Т-55MV
Medium Tank Т-55MV
Medium Tank Т-62M
Medium Tank Т-62M
Medium Tank Т-62M
Main Tank Т-64B-1KV
Main Tank Т-80B
Main Tank Т-72 “URAL”
Main Tank Т-72 “URAL”
Light Amphibious Tank PT-76
Light Amphibious Tank PT-76B
Tracked Armored Vehicle BTR-50PK
BREM-L “Beglyanka” Maintenance-Recovery Vehicle
Command Post Vehicle BMP-1KSh