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Attention! The demonstration program is subject to changes.
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Schedule of events

25 june 26 june 27 june 28 june 29 june 30 june
28 June
Land Forces Demo Cluster
«Polite People» military show with the demonstration of Weapons, Military and Special-Purpose Equipment within united tactical plan «Actions of Joint Forces in Modern Combined Arms Combat»

Fire attack by helicopters of Army Aviation

Mi-28N – 2 pcs.

Anti-tank and flame-throwing armaments performance demonstration

Self-propelled anti-tank missile system «Khrisantema», mechanized anti-tank weapon «Sprut-SD», anti-tank guided missile system «Kornet-D», heavy armored personnel carrier BMO-T, heavy flame thrower system TOS-1A

Performance demonstration of weapons and equipment of combined arms and tank units

T-80U-E1, T-72B3, T-90A, BMP-2, BMP-3, BMD-4M, BTR-82A

Demonstration of missile troops and artillery weapons and equipment

Self-propelled gun «Hosta», self-propelled gun «Msta-S», multiple launch rocket system «Tornado-G», self-propelled launcher «Iskander-M», transport loading vehicle and multiple launch rocket system «Smerch», radar station «Aistenok», air defence missile system S-300V, self-propelled gun «Malka», mortar carrier «Tulpan»

Demonstration of air defence machinery capabilities

Surface-to-air gun and missile system «Tunguska-M1» – 2 pcs., anti-aircraft missile and gun system «Pantsir-S1» – 2 pcs., self-propelled anti-aircraft system «Shilka-М4», anti-aircraft missile and gun system «Strela-10MN», anti-aircraft missile and gun system «Tor-М2»

Demonstration of Airborne Forces and reconnaissance units equipment capabilities in airdrop and fire assault

Weapons, Military and Special-Purpose Equipment and special operations unit of the Airborne Forces – 16 people

Armored personnel carrier BTR-MDM – 2 pcs., all-terrain vehicle – 2 pcs., helicopter MI-8AMTSh – 2pcs.

Demonstration of assault river crossing equipment capabilities

Weapons, Military and Special-Purpose Equipment and special operations unit of the Underwater Sabotage Forces and Means – 10 people

Armored personnel carrier BTR-82A – 2 pcs., mechanized anti-tank weapon «Sprut-SD» – 2 pcs., Armored personnel carrier BTR-MDM – 2 pcs., Pontoon bridge vehicle PMM-2M, amphibious tracked carrier PTS-2 – 2 pcs., engineering reconnaissance motor boat IRK, engineering assault boat IDK, high-speed boat BL-680 – 2 pcs.

Demonstration of engineering weapons and equipment capabilities

Floating bridge system PMP, BMR-3MA, IMR-3M, MTU-72

Pontoon bridge crossing by a mixed convoy, capability demonstration of wheeled and tracked vehicles

Ural-4320-31, Ural-43206, multi-purpose vehicle KAMAZ-4350, multi-purpose vehicle KAMAZ-5350, multi-purpose vehicle KAMAZ-6350, multi-purpose vehicle KAMAZ-65225, TDA-3, DT-30P, DT-10PM, helicopters Mi-28N – 2 pcs.

Land Forces Demo Cluster
Master Class by Military Experts

Master Class «Anti-Tank Guided Missiles Control» (Land Forces)

T-80BV – 2 pcs.

Anti-Tank Guided Missiles launch by one tank (to the right from the Mound of Glory) on target, recapture of this Anti-Tank Guided Missile by another tank (to the left from the Mound of Glory) and another target destruction

Master Class «Tank Control» (Land Forces)

T-72B3 – 5 pcs.

a) cutting items;

b) nailing;

c) closing match boxes;

d) tank passing along the ridge with a water-filled vessel attached to its barrel;

e) drawing geometric shapes with a tank barrel

T-80U – 1 pcs.

Tank firing in the air after a ramp jump

Master Class «Pontoon Bridge Vehicle Control» (Engineering Corps)

Pontoon Bridge Vehicle PMM-2M – 3 pcs. and multi-purpose vehicle «Tiger-M» – 3 pcs.

Group maneuvers by engineering corps with PMM-2M

Master Class «Air Acrobatics and Parachute Control» (Airborne Forces)

Airborne Forces paratroopers – 3 groups (23 people) and Mi-8AMTSh helicopter – 2 pcs.

Diamond shape in the air (9 people), smoke flag of the Russian Federation (6 people), landing with flags (8 people)

Master Class «Proficiency in Specialty» (Maintenance Units)

UAZ-469 and a maintenance unit (10 people) will be involved

Rapid disassembly and assembly of UAZ-469 vehicle

Master Class «Tank Driving» (Land Forces).

T-80U – 4 pcs. and a self-propelled gun «Msta-S» will be operated

Tank group maneuvering – «Tank Ballet»

Master Class «Proficiency in Specialty» (Land Forces).

Self-propelled gun «Msta-S» – 7 pcs.

Self-propelled gun «Msta-S» firing illumination shells to form a «V» in the sky

Patriot Military-Patriotic Recreation Park of the Armed Forced of the Russian Federation
Kalashnikov Concern

Firing center of Kalashnikov Concern

Familiarization of visitors (experts) with interested samples of small arms

Demonstration program (10’) «Demonstration of fire arms skills»

Demonstration of small arms

Line No.1 (pistol)

1. 9-mm self-loading pistol PL-15K

2. 9-mm self-loading pistol PL-15K

Line No.2 (assault rifle)

1. 5.45-mm Kalashnikov AK-200 assault rifle

2. 7.62-mm Kalashnikov AK-203 assault rifle

3. 7.62-mm Kalashnikov AK-204 assault rifle

4. 5.45-mm Kalashnikov AK-205 assault rifle

5. 5.45-mm Kalashnikov AK-12 assault rifle

6. 7.62-mm Kalashnikov AK-15 assault rifle

7. 5.45-mm Kalashnikov RPK-16 hand-held machine gun

Line No.3 (sniper weapon)

1. 7.62-mm self-loading sniper rifle SVCh-54

2. 7.62-mm self-loading sniper rifle SVCh-51

3. .338LM self-loading sniper rifle SVCh-69

4. 8.6-mm precision sniper rifle VSV

Line No.4 (pistol carbine)

1. 9-mm pistol carbine «Vityaz-SN»

2. 9-mm pistol carbine «Vityaz-MO»

3. 5.45-mm portable assault rifle AM-17

4. 9-mm silenced assault rifle AMB-17

Demonstration of non-military weapons

1. 308 Win self-loading hunting carbine IZh-1622

2. .223 Rem self-loading hunting carbine SR1

3. 366 Tkm self-loading hunting carbine TG-2

4. .22LR sporting rifle BI 7-7

5. .22LR hunting carbine 141 Sobol

6. 4.5-mm sporting pneumatic rifle BI 7-5