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21 August
Land Forces Demo Cluster
Limited access to Dynamic Demonstration of Modern and Advanced Specimens of Armament, Military and Special Equipment "Intelligence and Raid Actions of Combined-Arms Divisions"

Troops (Forces) Actions Control within dynamic Demonstration of armament, military and special equipment
JSC Special Technological Center
UAV Complex "Orlan-10" (Н-500-700 m); UAV Complex «Eleron-3" (Н-350 m)

Actions of advanced guard point (Self-moving artillery weapon "Nona-S" - 2pcs., Moving Intelligence and Gun Control Unit "Reostat", multi-purpose vehicle "Tiger-M" – 2 pcs., Light Multirole Vehicle
"Lynx (Ris)" – 2 pcs., all-terrain vehicle – 2 pcs.)

Advanced guard support operation (120 mm mortar gun - 3 pcs., Т-72B, Т-90А, BTR-82А – 4 pcs., air defence gun «Shilka-М4», Self-moving artillery item "Hosta" - 2 pcs., BL-680 - 2 pcs.)

Operation of the 2nd raid detached unit team (120 mm mortar gun - 3 pcs., Т-80Y-Е1, BMP-2, BMP-3 - 4 pcs., surface-to-air and anti-tank missile system Tunguska-M1 – 2 pcs., self-propelled gun "Msta-S" – 2 pcs., Anti-aircraft missile and gun system "Strela-10, Engineering reconnaissance motor boat IRK, Engineering reconnaissance vehicle IRM, highspeed inflatable boat SNL-8, Highspeed Boat BL-680 - 2 pcs.)

Operation of the 2nd raid detached unit team (Т-80Y – 3 pcs., Т-72B3 - 3 pcs., MLRS "Tornado-G" – 2
pcs., radar station "Aistenok", armored infantry vehicle "Berezhliviy", bridge train)

Operation of anti-tank reserve (Self-moving antitank missile system Khrizantema - 2 pcs., self-propelled
gun MALKA, transport and load vehicle and self-propelled launcher "Iskander-M", multiple-launch
rocket system "Smerch", Anti-aircraft missile and gun system "Tor-М2Y" -2 pcs., mortar carrier
"Tulpan", mechanized antitank weapon "Sprut-SD" - 2 pcs., combat vehicle BMO-Т, Pontoon Bridge Vehicle PMM-2M - 2 pcs.)

Delivering fire damage by aviation Demonstration (Helicopters Ка-52, Mi-35, Mi-26, 122 mm howitzer weapon D-30).

Activity of airborne descent with air defence supporting unit and fire-throwing unit of Nuclear,
Biological and Chemical Protection troops (122 mm howitzer weapon D-30, mortar carrier "Tulpan", Anti-aircraft missile and gun system "Pancir-S1" – 2 pcs., armored infantry vehicle BTR-MDM– 2 pcs., airborne combat vehicle BMD-4М – 4 pcs., heavy flamethrower ТOS-1А, 120 mm mortar gun – 3 pcs.).
Air Forces Demo Cluster (Kubinka)
Maneuvering Performance Demonstration Mig-31k and SU-57
Air Forces Demo Cluster (Kubinka)
Strizhi (Swifts) Aerobatic Display Demonstration Team Mig-29
Air Forces Demo Cluster (Kubinka)
Sokoli Rossii (The Falcons of Russia) Aerobatic Team Flying Display
Air Forces Demo Cluster (Kubinka)
Russkie Vityazi (The Russian Knights) Aerobatic Display Demonstration Team SU-30SM
Air Forces Demo Cluster (Kubinka)
Solo Flight of Ka-52
Air Forces Demo Cluster (Kubinka)
Maneuvering Performance Demonstration Yak-130 And Yak-152