Armaments and Equipment of Land Forces

August,  24   09-13

Roundtable discussion

Organization of area air defenses for concentration of troops and facilities

Organizer: "Ulyanovsk Mechanical Plant" JSC

Venue: Auditory 2110


Emets Vitaly Dmitrievich, Head of Department of protocol, advertising and exhibitions of "Ulyanovsk Mechanical Plant" JSC 8 (927) 984-27-25
August,  25   09-13

Roundtable discussion

Current state and directions of development of the training equipment for preparation of specialists of rocket troops and artillery

Organizer: Chief Command of Land Forces, Mikhailovskaya Military Artillery Academy

Venue: Auditory D.1


Myalkin Vladimir Aleksandrovich, Head of Department of science and scientific-educational staff training of Mikhailovskaya Military Academy, colonel 8(911) 908-73-77 8(812) 292-14-69