Information and analytical support of innovative development for the armament system of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation SECTION 1 Methodology and practice of organization and carrying out of expert analytical investigations in the field of science, technologies and technique, in order to provide military security of the country

Date: 25.08.2017
Time: 09:18-18:00
Venue: Auditory C.4
Organizer: Directorate General of Research and Development activities and engineering support (innovative researches) of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation
Contacts of the organizer: Matytsyn Aleksandr Anatolievich, lieutenant colonel, Chief Directorate of Research of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, 8(499)794-81-30, Epishin K.V., FSBSI NII RINKTsE, Ph.D. in Engineering Science, assistant professor, tel. +74997951958,