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Commander of the Russian Aerospace Forces attended the Air Forces Day festival

‘We will be left behind. There is no doubt that aircraft and helicopters will be unmanned in future. It is going to be fundamentally new aviation. We are introducing the new technologies and researches into the Aerospace Forces’, said Colonel General Viktor Bondarev.

He reminded that the newest Su-35 crew was one of the winners at the “Aviadarts - 2017” competition held in China.

The Commander also noted that the Russian Aerospace Forces will increase the figures in combat training – each pilot is to perform at least 120 flight hours annually, and this standard will grow.

Colonel General Viktor Bondarev expressed the gratitude to the Air Forces veterans and pilots’ families. He pointed out that the Air Forces are held in respect and trust with the Russians.

The Commander also attended the official ceremony where the pilots were granted with state decorations.