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Chief of the Electronic Warfare Troops Major General U. Lastochkin told about electronic warfare technologies implementation

The last decade regional conflicts have proved that electronic warfare wins the priority influence on the outcome.

Today modern technologies have blurred out distinctions among strategic, operational and tactical levels, and offensive and defensive operations. The electronic warfare weapons play great role in exerting information influence.

This significance is defined by the level of operational task – to disturb the hostile command and control by EW means in all spheres (land, sea, air and space).

A new adversary engagement has appeared – information sphere that extends the EW troops missions. The EW troops are to conduct preventing measures both in war and peace time. The advanced EW weapons effect can be equaled to the high-precision fire damage in future.

The military political leadership of the country considers the EW to be of a most important element of state military security.

The EW complex drills are held annually to probe advanced EW methods and work out recommendations from EW troops.

Automated control systems are widely applied to the EW troops to improve combat capabilities.

EW command and control system development is topical as electronic warfare is part of the information influence exerted on the potential enemy. In the near future we are going to complete implementation of information resources into the United information space to facilitate electronic warfare. The military control bodies will provide information concerning operational and radio electronic situation.

In peacetime the Main Electronic Warfare Directorate is responsible for electromagnetic compatibility, legal protection of the military electronic means, and planning of the radio frequencies.

Military and state control bodies are to control radio spectrum and provide electromagnetic compatibility.

Electronic warfare has a solid place among arms and branches of the Armed Forces. The number of successfully fulfilled strategic tasks of the EW is to increase in 2-2,5 times and by 2020 it will reach the required quantity. The Electronic warfare will be one of the most efficient land-air system to facilitate the Armed Forces missions, and to ward off the enemy technical superiority in air and information space.