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Xi’an Tyrida Optical Electric Technology Co., Ltd

Company stand:

Address: Jinye Road, 10104, 1st Floor, 1st Entrance, 2nd Building, No 12, Zone A, Entrepreneurial Research Park, No 69, Xi’an City, Gaoxin District, Shaanxi Province, 710077, China
Phone: +86 (29) 63382210

Thematic sections:

Xi’an Tyrida Optical Electric Technology Co., Ltd was founded in 2007 and has been specializing in the field of laser enabled surface enhancement engineering and techniques. As a high-tech service provider for Laser Shock Peening (LSP) Technology, we offer solutions to prevent premature failures of critical metallic components due to fatigue, corrosion, wear, galling and fretting. Tyrida is committed towards excellence in both technology and services; and will strive to be a market-changer and provider of advance solutions for metal treatment and surface enhancement.