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Wuhan Global Sensor Technology Co., Ltd

Company stand:

Address: Huanglongshan South RD, 6#, Wuhan, China
Phone: +86 (27) 81298493
Wuhan Global Sensor Technology Co., Ltd (GST) is a subsidiary of Guide Infrared. GST specializes in the design, manufacture, sales and marketing of infrared thermal imaging detectors and coolers. The company runs 3 internally-developed production lines: 8-inch 0.25?m MEMS production line for uncooled VOx detectors, 8-inch 0.5?m production line for cooled MCT detectors and 8-inch 0.5?m MBE production line for cooled T2SL detectors which have been widely used in thermography, security & surveillance, personal vision, automotive, consumer infrared and military applications.