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Jihua 3522 Appliances&Decorations co,ltd,

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Address: Anfu Road, 3#, Tianjin, Zhangjiawo, Xiqing, China
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Phone: +86 (22) 59563672; 59563673
Jihua 3522 Appliance & Decoration Co., LTD,built in 1938, has 11 subsidiaries as well as 6 factories, 2 holding companies and 3 joint stock companies.Our business covers a variety of precision metal stamping, coating products, aluminum utensils, sewing products, computer embroideries, knitting labels and metal art Souvenirs. Our garments accessories include buttons, badges, insignia, hand badges, ties, backpacks and belts.We have more than 1000 customers and our Central customers are from military and law executing departments from state departments and committees.