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Scientific Research Center “RESONANCE” JSC

Company stand:

Address: 1-st. Bukhvostova St, 12/11, blok 20, Moscow, Russia
Phone: +7 (495) 223-63-67
The Resonance research center focuses on research and development in support of the Russian Defense Minis¬try; particularly, it specializes in developing VHF radars. In 2013 the National Prize “Golden Idea” was awarded to a team of Resonance-NE radar developers. The Golden Idea National Award was established by the Federal Service for Military Technical Cooperation and is annu¬ally conferred for major contribution to development of world-class equipment. The resonance effect makes the stealth technology inefficient in the Resonanc-NE’s op¬erating frequency range. Now “Resonance-NE” radar is successfully delivered to other countries.