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Defence Systems, JSC

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Address: Vereiskaya st., 29, Moscow, 121357, Russia
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Phone: +7 (495) 274-03-20
JSC "Defense systems" was founded in 1996. In 2000 it was given the powers of the Management Company of the IFPG "Defense Systems". It is the lead contractor of export contracts of the same group of companies. Main directions of activities 1. Means of passive location. «Avtobaza-M» ground-based sуstem of radio engineering reconnaissance. 2. Means of electronic warfare. - «Repellent» electronic warfare system against small-sized UAV. - «Pole-21E» spatial distribution system for protecting objects from targeted use of high-precision weapons. - "Pazl" system of electronic systems and means testing for evaluating the effectiveness of their electronic protection. - "Pazanka" system of radio electronic visibility of objects control and also the evaluation of the efficiency of their configuration and absorbing coatings. 3. Air Defense Means. SAM "Pechora -2M" medium- range. 4. Communication facilities. ASKR-125 "Vinograd" automated system of radio communication system . 5. Laser systems. - LK-2 laser system of remote putting into passive condition of explosive subjects. - Mobile laser technological system MLTK-20 6. Radar equipment. - "Kama-NM" the radar of external trajectory measurements. - "Uzola" the radar of target designation and acquisition. 7. Means of repair. - Mobile and stationary centers for comprehensive technical maintenance and repair of the SAM Pechora-2M, S-300 and S-400 systems. - Joint technical center for the restoration of serviceability of gas turbine engines of the S-300 missile systems, «OSA» missile system, "Tor", "Square", ZRPS "Shilka". 8. Training. - Organization and training of foreign specialists in the operation, maintenance and repair of the entire product line of IFIG. - Supply of training classes (simulators). 9. Development and implementation of system projects. - Creation of fire grounds of air defense for testing the interaction of AD-REB-PER systems. - Creation of command control posts for air defense grouping. - Development of systems to protect objects from attack by precision weapons. - Creation of a passive system for monitoring air, land and sea space on the basis of the Avtobaza-M system, etc.