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Company stand:

Address: Borovaya st., 7, bldg. 2, Moscow, 111020, Russia
Phone: +7 (495) 664-21-41
Equinet – delivery of tools and equipment for assembly, maintenance and repair of various types of technics. The company has a longterm experience of cooperation with the industrial enterprises from defense complex and Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. As an effective technological partner of the aviation industry, we develop and deliver customized solutions in the field of instrumental support, which meet the highest safety and quality standards. In 2017, the company organized a serial production of the click type regulated torque wrenches "ШТАЛЬВИЛЛЕ" КМП 730 on the territory of the Russian Federation. The torque wrenches were successfully tested for type approval of measuring tool for military purpose. Certificate of approval of type of measuring tool RU.C.28.314.В № 67328. The torque control tools from "STAHLWILLE", Germany, which have proven themselves in defense industry enterprises, have also been successfully tested to confirm the type of measuring tools for military purpose.