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Another session of the Russian Defence Ministry Board took place in Moscow

Today the Head of the military department conducted another session of the Russian Defence Ministry Board in Moscow. It was devoted to the State armament programme for the years 2018-2025.

General of the Army Sergei Shoigu explained that the planned activities would allow to equip the army and the fleet with modern hardware and armaments and would give the opportunity to establish the scientific basis for development of new and unusual weapons.

The new programme includes equipment of the military groupings in the Crimea and in the Arctic.

The Strategic Nuclear Forces are maintained at the level, which allows to perform the assigned missions.

In the Strategic Missile Forces, 99% of launching facilities are in combat readiness, among them 96% on permanent combat alert.

The combat power of the nuclear triad has been augmented.

Today it is equipped with modern hardware by 60%.

The general purpose forces have been put on a new quality level. The percentage of modern equipment in the Land Forces has reached 42%, in the Russian Aerospace Forces – 66%, in the Russian Navy – 47%.

In total, the equipment of the Russian Armed Forces with modern hardware and armaments constitutes 58.3%, the percentage of hardware in good condition is 94%.

The conducted work has been appreciated by the President of Russia. He ordered to maintain the pace of rearmament of the army and the fleet as well as to ensure the implementation of the State armament programme within the prescribed time limits and budgetary financing.

The session was participated by the commanding personnel of the Armed Forces, representatives of the state authorities and the military-industrial complex.