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Russian Defence Ministry Board session held under the leadership of the Head of the Military department General of the Army Sergei Shoigu took place in Moscow

On September 11, a regular session of the Russian Defence Ministry Board was held under the leadership of the Head of the Military department General of the Army Sergei Shoigu in Moscow.

It was attended by the commanding staff of the Russian Armed Forces, representatives of state authorities and the Public Council affiliated with the Russian Ministry of Defence.

Minister of Defence suggested starting with the consideration of the course of establishment of the Russian Aerospace Forces.

“Analysis of the contemporary armed conflicts shows that those states, which do not have reliable aerospace defence, risk to loose their sovereignty. In the future, the results of armed conflicts will be mainly defined by the confrontation in the aerospace sphere. That is why the leading countries spend half of their military budgets on development of aerospace means of attack and defence,” emphasized Minister of Defence.

General of the Army Sergei Shoigu explained that the necessity to counter such threats had led to the decision of creation of a new service of the Armed Forces – Aerospace Forces.

According to him, at the present time, the results of unannounced inspections, exercises and training as well as scientific researches are used to elaborate adequate measures against means of aerospace attack.

As a result, the main subsystems of the aerospace defence have been defined. These are: reconnaissance warning about the aerospace attacks, defeating and suppression of aerospace attack means, management and support of the aeropase defence.

The Head of the Military department emphasized the fact that the usage of the new structure would be carried out under general direction, according to the unified scenario and within the single scheme of combat control.

Commander-in-Chief of the Aerospace Forces Colonel General Viktor Bondarev made speech on the establishment of the new service of the Armed Forces.

The next issue on the agenda was resuming the results of the first International Army Games and defining the objectives for preparation of the Games in 2016.

According to the Russian Minister of Defence, in total, the event was held at a high level and caused much interest among specialists, as well as the Russian and foreign citizens.

In his opinion, the competitions have become a new form of combat training within the international military cooperation. They demonstrate the capabilities of armament and military equipment, as well as the reliability and effectiveness of the military materiel.

General of the Army Sergei Shoigu reminded that the Games had been attended by 57 teams from 17 countries of Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America.

The Minister particularly noted successful performance of the Russian servicemen, who had shown their skills in 13 disciplines.

Deputy Defence Minister Colonel General Pavel Popov reported about the preparations for the International Army Games of 2016.

After the discussion, General of the Army Sergei Shoigu ordered to form an organizational committee on the International Army Games – 2016 as well as elaborate their scenario. The preparation will be checked by the National Centre for State Defence Control.

Passing to the issues concerning the preliminary results of the research activity development, Minister of Defence stated that that day the equipment of the army with modern armament depended on the effectiveness of the military-scientific complex.

Eight new R&D institutes have been created. Military-scientific support of the R&D and engineering works is performed. The Defence Ministry has taken measures for material encouragement of the scientific staff. Scientific community is attracted to discussion of the burning problems.

Particular attention was attached to the correction of the Production programme of the Spetsstroy company for 2015.

The Activity plan of the Western MD until 2020 was also discussed. General of the Army Sergei Shoigu reminded that starting from September 10 the operational Russian-Belarusian exercise Union Shield – 2015 was being held in the Military District.

The Head of the Military department also brought up for discussion the preparation for the International military and technical forum “Army-2015”.

According to him, a contest among young architectors is planned to be held for development of functional zones of the “Patriot” military park.

In the end, the Board discussed the work of the central military administrative bodies on decreasing of overdue receivables of the State Defence Orders.

The Head of the Military department expressed his hope that the created system of control over the budgetary expenditures for State Defence Order would provide a balanced decision-making that would exclude overdue receivables.