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Agat – Electromechanical Plant, OJSC

Company stand:

Address: Nezavisimosti ave., 117-3-23, Minsk, 220114, Belarus
Phone: +375 (17) 267-60-80
The enterprise produces the special-purpose equipment for the security services of the Republic of Belarus: -mobile communication nodes; -automation equipment for mobile control posts of radiolocation stations; - automated command posts for anti-aircraft missile brigades; - mobile stations for automated aircraft control; - mobile communication nodes; - radio relay stations; - standard vehicles for the chief officer of the battalion headquarters (gun position officer); - special-purpose container-type vans (special-purpose containers); - servo units; - switch cabinets; - cabinets for thermally-controlled equipment; - universal masts; - measuring satellite units (strapdown inertial navigation systems); - rack-mounted optical fiber distribution frames.