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Address: Vereyskaya st., 29, p. 135, Moscow, 121357, Russia
Phone: +7 (495) 609-61-77
Sarkisiyan Alexander Pavlovich, Director General, PhD The company was founded in 2005, we have two branch offices, in St. Petersburg and Voronezh and is included in the Joint Company Register of the country defense-industrial sector. The company specialization is to design of anti-UAVs EW complexes, of spatial allocated EW systems forthe protection of the stationary objects of infrastructure from the reconnaissance and HPW aiming use, the engineering of passive radar complexes of aerial, ground and surface radiating targets as well as executing an innovation «smart-jamming» projects. Unified jamming modules of spatial allocated jamming system to screen the objects from high precision weapon aiming use «POLE-21E» System is designed to screen the important military and civil objects of country infrastructure from High Precision Weapon (HPW) aiming use by GRNS-users signal jamming in assigned zone. The main Electronic Warfare tasks, executed by the system, are to disrupt and deny the High Precision Weapon and air HPW delivery means GRNS-guidance to screening objects and to disrupt and deny radio navigation to GRNS users in assigned zone. «AVTOBAZA-М» Passive radar (ground-based electronic intelligence) complex The complex is designed for reconnaissance of IFF system signals, TACAN system signals, pulse and continuous signals of air-, ground-and sea-based radars, determination of parameters of signals and types of radars, following trajectory tracking of targets at radiation of their radio-electronic means, as well as for providing with reconnaissance information superior command post and preliminary target designation to anti-aircrafts firing means. Complex can be used in the system of air threat warning, AD and EW systems, air-traffic and radio-electronic environment control.