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Krasnozavodsk chemical factory, Joint-stock company

Company stand:

Address: Rdultovsky square, 1, Krasnozavodsk, Sergiev Posad District, Moscow Region, 141321, Russia
Phone: +7 (496) 545-23-45
JSC "Krasnozavodsk chemical factory" is a military-industrial complex company, was founded in 1915. Production of ammunition for security ministries needs: - Rocket Infantry Flame Throwers RPO-A «Shmel»; - 82 mm and 120 mm illuminating parachute mines; - Fireworks for the protection of aircraft: 26 mm and 50 mm infra-red (PPI) and anti-radar (PPR) cartridges; - 15mm, 26 mm, 30 mm and 39 mm illuminating and signal flares; - Hunting cartridges "Record" and professional fireworks.