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Exhibition profiles

1. Armament and equipment of the Navy
2. Missile and space systems. Aerospace technologies. Space exploration for benefits of the Armed Forces
3. Armament and equipment of the Aerospace Forces
4. Unmanned aerial vehicles and systems. Robotic systems
5. Small-arms and close combat weapons
6. Equipment and outfit of military men
7. Ammunition of all kinds and classes
8. Optics. Electro-optical equipment and systems
9. Non-lethal weapons
10. Armament and tools of radiological, chemical and biological security
11. Means of individual and collective protection
12. Machinery and equipment of the Railroad Troops
13. Modernization and maintenance of military equipment and armament
14. Armament and equipment of the Land Forces
15. Accessories and technologies of the armament, military equipment and ammunition utilization 
16. Facilities and equipment of engineering armament. Road, construction and weight lifting tools and devices
17. Armament and equipment of the Airborne Troops
18. Electronic warfare equipment. Facilities of radio intelligence
19. Information, telecommunication and navigation technologies. Geoinformation systems
20. Communications means/systems and automated control systems of troops
21. Electronics. Radioelectronic technologies
22. Personnel training for benefits of the Armed Forces and military-industrial complex
23. Complex laboratories, training equipment, simulators, technical equipment for military training of Armed Forces. Providing grounds equipment
24. Security assurance of military objects and military service
25. Facilities to ensure the activity of military police
26. Sports constructions and equipment
27. Logistic support of troops. Assurance of daily living activities of military personnel, military men and their families. Subsistence support
28. Rescue equipment for working in emergency and catastrophe situations, fire-fighting appliances and equipment
29. Armament and equipment of Strategic Missile Troops
30. Construction, complete overhaul, maintenance and operation of material and technical infrastructure
31. Nuclear weapons complex
32. Medical procurement of the Armed Forces
33. Instrument engineering
34. Power engineering. Smart energy system, hydrogen energy, microsources of power, accumulator technologies, electric generator technologies
35. Materials and components in defence industry
36. Laser technologies
37. Biotechnologies
38. Mass media
39. Engine building in military-industrial complex
40. Engineering industry for benefits of military-industrial complex
41 Military management