General information

More than 500 thousand people in six days visited the sites of the International Military-Technical Forum (IMTF) “ARMY-2016”, what ranks over many similar in the subject global sites and fully confirms the international status of the site.

The “Army 2016” Forum was held in the “Patriot” Congress and Exhibition Center, Alabino Military Training Grounds and Kubinka Airfield in Moscow region for the second straight year. A similar forum was held for the first time on the sites, located in the Western, Southern, Central and Eastern military districts, and on the site of the Northern Fleet. It combined the extensive congress program, a variety of cultural and recreational activities of the military-patriotic orientation along with the static exhibits and dynamic demonstration of military equipment capabilities.

The Forum results strongly suggest that in just two years it has turned into the world's leading exhibition of arms and military equipment, the authoritative platform for discussing innovative ideas and developments for the armed forces.

Representatives from more than 80 countries, 35 of which were official delegations, were working on the Forum sites. The delegations from 13 countries were presented by the Chiefs of the Military Departments, and 22 delegations were led by the Chiefs of General Staff and Deputies Minister of Defense. The total number of military delegations guests exceeded 260 people.

Foreign representatives organized more than 50 negotiations and bilateral meetings with the administrative authorities of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and domestic Defense Industry.

Over 40 presentations of military products were carried out for foreign customers. Foreign delegations had the opportunity to test moving and fire capabilities of Russian machines and armaments. The result was that the representatives of several foreign states expressed intention to negotiate agreements for supply of some military products for national defense forces.

The Defense Industry enterprises of Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Pakistan and Malaysia offered large national expositions for the first time at the Forum site. In addition, 58 defense enterprises and holdings from 13 foreign countries presented their products, which was twice more than last year. Together with countries, which presented their national exhibits, the Forum was attended by representatives of the enterprises of the defense-industrial complex of Germany, India, Israel, Ireland, China, Thailand, France and Switzerland.

For the first time within the framework of the Forum, the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation in a completely new format held a signing ceremony of 17 government contracts worth more than 130 billion rubles. Contractual commitments for the implementation of the state defense order have been signed for the delivery of six submarines for Project 636, three small-size missile ships for Project 21631, as well as supply and the modernization of more than 230 pieces of military equipment.

This year, the Forum static exposition has been presented in 40 thematic sections, which demonstrated the advanced developments in the field of radioelectronic warfare and reconnaissance, optoelectronic and geoinformation systems, unmanned aviation, laser technologies, hydrometeorological support products, nuclear weapons complex, created for armed forces.

The static exposition was located in the area of more than 500 thousand square meters, where 250 military and special vehicles were presented for free inspection, 11 thousand exhibits on the stands of 1004 enterprises of the Russian defense industry and several dozens of aviation vehicles at the Kubinka Airfield. The Forum static exposition demonstrated the modern ships of Northern and Baltic fleets.

The Forum congress program was aimed at discussion of new ideas, the achievements of military-technical thoughts and the development of specific solutions for their implementation. In total, the meetings of the 24 thematic areas included more than 100 round-table discussions, briefings and conferences, organized by 59 bodies of military administration and 14 external organizations. A videoconference featured a direct connection with 52 viewers from regions ranging from Kaliningrad to Khabarovsk. 12 thousand experts from 18 countries participated in the open part of the scientific and business program.

As part of the congress program, the main directions of the construction and development of the Ground Forces, Naval Forces, Aerospace Forces, Airborne Forces and Strategic Missile Forces were discussed, as well as key issues of military medicine, building complex, hypersonic aircraft, the use of microsatellites for Earth remote sensing, creation of samples of weapons, based on new physical principles and nanotechnologies.

The six-day Forum program was covered by more than 1.5 thousand representatives of leading Russian and foreign media.

According to the official all-Russian rating of exhibitions, the International Military-Technical Forum “ARMY” has become an absolute leader in the category “Weapons and military equipment” in all nominations!

The purpose of the Forum:

  • promotion of technical re-equipment and increase of efficiency of activity of the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation;
  • stimulation of innovative development of the military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation;
  • promoting the activities of young promising experts of scientific-research organizations of the Russian defense Ministry and the defence industry;
  • development of military-technical cooperation of Russian Federation with foreign states;
  • patriotic education of citizens;
  • formation of a positive image of the Ministry of defense of Russia as a modern and dynamic structure and the popularization of service in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

The objectives of the Forum:

  • to ensure the participation of enterprises and organizations of the Russian industry focused on production in the interests of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation;
  • to ensure the participation of foreign manufacturers for the purpose of development of cooperation of defense enterprises and technology transfer;
  • to present new technologies, materials and achievements of other branches of science and industry for their introduction into production at the enterprises of the defence industry;
  • to provide conditions for the comprehensive analysis of import of products and technologies for experimental use in the interests of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation;
  • to ensure the attendance of the Forum by experts of bodies of military management, military units and subordinate organizations of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation;
  • to ensure the participation of delegations of foreign states;
  • to ensure the attendance of the Forum by all categories of citizens of the Russian Federation;
  • to demonstrate the ideology and practical steps to transform the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation;
  • to demonstrate the maximum range of weapons, military and special equipment from the presence of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation.
Exhibition: International military-technical forum "ARMY-2017"
Based on: Decree of the Russian Federation Government #1140-p, June 19, 2015
Organiser: Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation
Dates: August 22-27, 2017
Location: Town of Kubinka, Moscow Region
The Patriot Congress and Exhibition Centre with the Military and Patriotic Park of Recreation and Leisure of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation