DoCon Corp

Company stand:

Address: Kashirskoe Shosse, 14, Domodedovo, Moscow Region, Russia, 142000
Phone: +7 (985) 996-21-23
"DoCon Corp." valid from December 1956. Since 1962 "DoСon Corp." develops and distributes products of military equipment: air conditioners, air coolers and chillers for the benefit of the air defense forces, the Strategic Missile Forces, Space Forces, electronic warfare troops in stationary and transport designs on wheeled and tracked. Special items of "DoСon" work at the Guiana Space Center, at the cosmodrome "Baikonur" and "Plesetsk" . "DoCon Corp." involved in the development work on the development, manufacture new models military technology. Mastered the production, special two-unit air conditioners for system locations.