Podolskiy electrical and mechanical plant for special mechanical engineering, Joint stock company

Company stand:

Address: Bolshaya SerpukhovskayaSt., 43, Podolsk, Moscow Region, 142105
Site: http://pemz-podolsk.ru
E-mail: oaopemz@mail.ru
Phone: +7 (4967) 65-44-97

Thematic sections:

Podolsk Electrical and Mechanical Plant JSC is one of the leading enterprises in production of electro-hydraulic and hydraulic control systems with high industrial potential and highly qualified personnel. The enterprise is the country’s only manufacturer of hydraulic devices for ADMS S-300, Buk, Tor, missile complexes Iskander, Topol;it manufactures products for ADMSTunguska, Shilka, Pantsir, MLRS Smerch and Uragan. The enterprisecarries out development, modernization and technical support of hydraulic products of any complexity and is the only manufacturer and supplier of the main element of anti-rolling devices of surface and steering gears of submarines, for the Navy. For more than a decade,Podolsk Electrical and Mechanical Plant JSC has been working on modernization of 23mm twin anti-aircraft mount ZU-23 and is the only enterprise in the military-industrial complex that has real achievements in the design, manufacture, repair and modernization of ZU-23. The enterprise is the main manufacturer of the upgraded ZU-23/30М1-4, which allows to effectively fighting against unmanned aerial vehicles, and is carrying outresearch and development works to further improve and enhance the combat potential of the mount.