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Special expositions

“Innovation Club” is a platform uniting all parties to innovation activities and creating favourable conditions for multi-party communication for the sake of scientific development, technology and industry.

The project is aiming at creation of conditions for showcasing and promoting of innovations developed by young ambitious designers and scientists, start-ups, students of civil and military institutes, and scientific companies of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

The key point of “Innovation Club” is that it is a conveyor system of innovations, a means to demonstrate inventions and innovation projects at various stages of technological readiness carried out by young scientists, post-graduates and students of higher educational institutions, R&D organizations, engineering centers, small innovation enterprises and individuals.

In 2018, Innovation Club will become “digital” with the main topic of artificial intelligence and its sphere of application: information security, unmanned aircraft and autonomous cars, power industry, telecommunications, manufacture, health care, etc.

The 2018 concept includes large-scale program for guests and participants of the Innovation Club: pitch sessions, open debates, educational master classes and pop-science programme.

Crews and individual developers under 35 years can take part in the “Innovation Club”. Application submission starts in 2018! You can submit preliminary application for participation now on the website: http://клубинноваций.рф